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Use common sense with labor shoes

Labor insurance shoes use, also should choose according to the operator’s working environment, and in the choice of which kind of shoes, before use must read its operating instructions, use must be correct.

In addition, labor insurance shoes use common sense and what?
1. Labor protection shoes should not only choose the right type according to the operator’s environment, but also choose the right shoe size.

The issuance of casting labor protection shoes is subject to the following regulations according to the different environment: casting posts (including melting and molding), cleaning posts, sand core posts and boiler operation workers are all shatter-proof and skid-resistant high-waist labor protection shoes;
Repair fitters, pipes, riveters, sheet metal workers, testing, inspection, etc. are anti-smash, anti-slip, oil-proof labor protection shoes;
Electric welding, electricians, low-voltage power distribution operation workers, crowning crane, automobile (fork) lathe workers are all anti-smash electrician labor protection shoes;
Oil storage personnel for anti-smashing, anti-static labor protection shoes;

Other posts are generally anti-smashing, anti-slip labor protection shoes.
2, before the use of labor insurance shoes to carefully check or test, if not check, often there will be a safety hazard.

For example, damaged or cracked protective shoes are at risk when working in an acid-base environment.
3, after use should be properly kept, after use should be checked and cleaned, stored in a dry environment.

If be rubber shoe, should use clear water or disinfectant to scour clean and air dry after using, this can outspread the life .
4, if the operation of the environment is wet slippery, so the use of shoes must be anti – slippery, so that can prevent workers from sliding to the safety of hidden dangers.

Understand these use of labor insurance shoes, can help you in the operation of the safety of the time more secure.


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