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Comparison between labor protection shoes and safety shoes

Unique Clog present Safety shoes are also a kind of labor protection shoes, but labor protection shoes are not necessarily safety shoes, such as the green canvas shoes on the construction site, they are called labor protection shoes, but they have no safety protection function to protect the feet.

Safety shoes commonly known as labor protection shoes, generally refers to the safety shoes are anti-smashing shoes, steel head shoes also known as anti-smashing shoes, because the front of anti-smashing shoes with steel head, so commonly known as steel head shoes.
Of course, most of the time most people or collectively referred to as safety shoes for labor protection shoes, safety shoes are professional anti-smash, anti-slip, anti-static or insulation, puncture resistant labor shoes.

labor protection

1. The construction of safety shoes shall not be modified without authorization.

2. Wearing the right size of safety shoes will help to maintain the health of the wearer’s feet and the durability of the shoes.

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Users should keep feet and shoes clean and dry.

4. Clean safety shoes regularly, but don’t use solvent as cleaner.

In addition, the sole should be cleaned frequently to avoid accumulation of dirt, because the electrical conductivity or anti-static effect of the sole will be affected by the amount of adhesion dirt and bending conditions.

5. Store safety shoes should put in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.The maintenance of safety shoes is basically the same as that of ordinary fashion shoes.Rub, keep clean, and polish your safety shoes can elongated the age of using.Safety shoes for use in the area of oil or oil splashing places.

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