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When you remind your colleagues who wear slippers in work ,they will not only be ungrateful, but also blame you for many things, cross a pair of white eyes and give you a bad face

From January to August this year, there were several cases of work-related injuries related to inappropriate wearing of shoes…

And slippers are used to work almost every day.

Recently, in a joint inspection, a workshop found five people wearing slippers to work, one of them is still a manager. Ask why you wear slippers to work and get the same answer: footache!

It is not known whether it is an excuse or the actual situation. But one thing is for sure, if you wear slippers to work for a long time, your feet will definitely hurt. People always stumble and stumble. The hardness of human limbs is absolutely not equal to that of wood and steel.

In fact, as long as we choose a suitable pair of shoes, such as those that can be fully sealed and protected, it can completely prevent or mitigate the injury caused by accidents. Even if the shoe is impacted, squeezed, repairing or replacing the shoe is not particularly serious. overall it is very painful and unacceptable to have the shoe repaired or even replaced.

Learn to weigh, weigh clearly, and be good at protecting yourself.

Human body is not ragged cloth, refuse to sew and mend, life does not need too much injury and pain, why leave unnecessary regret to oneself?

Learning to accept and be kind to others’ hard words may benefit you for life.

People who suffer from a sudden outbreak of skin damage themselves ,their parents are also hurt at the same time.
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