About Unique Clog Unique Clog is a fresh safety footwear brand encompassing distinctive philosophies and ageless designs. We have a team of highly skilled specialists, with over 10 years’ experience in the safety shoe industry.

A combination of experience and creativity has resulted in a safety footwear range that is adjusted to present day demands, reflecting seasonal durability and outstanding style. The Unique Clog brand is motivated by a pursuit of creating safety shoes that encompass quality, style, and affordability. This guiding principle is distinguishing us among other brands.


Our main goal is to provide premium quality, stylish, highly resistant, lightweight and comfortable shoes that are built to last for decades. We don’t skimp out on our materials. We only use extremely durable, highly resistant and lightweight material to ensure that our footwear solutions are strong, safe, and built to last for years.

Each and every day, we work hard looking at styles, new designs and footwear solutions that can help the working individual ensure highly resistant and really comfortable safety shoes.


We like to imagine ourselves as more than just a footwear solution company. In our sense, we’re helping out the working individual by providing them with a stylish and quality footwear solution built to last in a wide variety of working environments.

Feel safe with Unique Clog.